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*How will the competition run?

Each studio will receive an individual block of time to perform and be ajudicated. Each studio will have a scheduled time to perform so technically there is only a time committment of a few hours on one of the scheduled days. We will only allow your studio's friends and families to be spectators during your scheduled performance time slot. At the conclusion of your studio's performances, ajudicated scores and awards will be presented. Overall awards will be aired via YOUTUBE LIVE after all studios have performed and have been ajudicated. Awards schedule will be provided. Please note that there will be time afforded in between each studio's performance time slots to allow for cleaning and disenfecting. Also, no paper scoresheets will be provided; only electronically sent scores and video or audio critiques will be emailed out after the event.

Is there a limit on spectators? Will parents be able to attend and observe performances?

Per current NJ COVID guidelines, Indoor gatherings for entertainment centers where performances are viewed or given, including movie theaters, performing arts centers, and other concert venues, must be limited to 35 percent of a room's capacity, but no more than 150 individuals. Each studio will be provided wrist bands for no more than 115 people to enter the building during their designated performance slot. This number includes all teachers, dancers and spectators. No one will be allowed to enter the building without a wristband. Capacity numbers will be strictly adhered to.

*Is there a limit on the number of entries that can be registered?

No, there is no entry limit. Please feel free to enter as many entries as you wish. We ask that you please RSVP with your entry count.

*Will dancers be penalized, if a studio decides not to do costume changes to minimize contact?

Absolutely not!! Although changing areas will be provided, we want studios to make decisions that best responds to their dancers' and parents' concerns. If a studio decides to perform several entries in the same costume, we will advise our judges of this decision, and no deductions will be made on account of this decision. May we suggest, that if a studio does decide not to do costume changes that accessories and props can be very useful in providing artistic flair.

*Will dancers be required to wear masks on stage?

COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet), so the use of cloth face coverings is particularly important in settings where people are close to each other or where social distancing is difficult to maintain.

In New Jersey, individuals must wear face coverings:

-in indoor spaces open to the public, including retail, recreational, and entertainment businesses, government buildings open to the public, and on public transportation. Therefore, both Dancers and Spectators will be asked to wear a covering at all times while in the venue space.

We hope these responses to "Commonly Asked Questions" helps you in deciding whether to join us! We will be strictly enforcing these procedures to ensure the health and safety of all in attendance. We hope this helps you and your dancers feel safe when joining us. If you have additional questions or concerns that have not been addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to answer any questions that you may have. Please give our office a call at (908)874-0040.